Classic + Intimate Styled Bridal Session | The Chapel at The Waters, Montgomery, AL

Classic + Intimate Styled Bridal Session at The Chapel at The Waters in Montgomery, AL | Sam Jones Photography


Someone told me the other day that you can’t be a photographer in the Central Alabama area if you don’t shoot at The Waters. When he said that, I was thankful that I had just completed this classic and intimate styled bridal session a week prior.

Sam and Taylor are new friends of ours that moved to our sweet little town this year. WE ARE OBSESSED WITH THEM. They are so funny and down-to-earth and when you meet them you immediately think, “I want them to be my friend forever” (is that creepy?!). I’m an Enneagram 4 so I’m relational to the max and sometimes it borders creepiness (HA!). Anyway, this couple is super creative and own their own businesses. Sam is like a master craftsman carpenter and Taylor is a potter who makes the most darling creations. Check out their stuff here and here.

My goal for this session was to keep things neat and clean and then just let the magic happen and I’m so pleased with the outcome. Sometimes, when we keep things simple, the best things happen. I like to approach all of my sessions this way. I tell my couples to forget I’m there and focus on each other and the most beautiful photos come from that. I’m not worried about the hand placement or if your chin isn’t tilted the right way, I’m most concerned with the people I’m photographing to have an authentic connection, because you can’t pose that! I think that’s the most important part of a wedding day.

People always told me during wedding planning that I wasn’t going to look back and regret anything. I disagree. I would go back and make sure that Luke and I weren’t worried about the details of the day but just genuinely connecting with each other.

Ok, this has become the most 4-ish blog post ever so I’m signing off now!

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