Addison + Brendon: Intimate and Romantic Engagement | Paul M. Grist State Park, Selma, Alabama


Ok, these two are hilarious. I loved how they were up for an adventure and could just be themselves in front of the camera. They met as prom dates and hit it off so they decided to stay together for the rest of their lives! (#highschoolsweethearts)

I gave these two a pep talk before our session and thought it would be fun to explain my process to all of y’all too if you’re wondering how we got these romantic and intimate images for their engagement session. Also, this was my first time shooting at one of my favorite places, Paul M. Grist State Park in sweet home Selma, Alabama.

My main goal in photographing couples is to capture true connection and authenticity and by golly that happened in Addison and Brendon’s session. I call that a success!

I’m not into creating moments. I’m into stewarding an environment where those moments can happen. In order to do that, I have some basic rules for my sessions. Here they are:

  1. This is going to be completely different than any other photo session you’ve had.

  2. Think of me as a third wheel. The goal is for y’all to connect with each other, not me!

  3. I’m not worried about pretty posed photos. I’m not worried about where your hand is or tilting your chin at the right angle. Don’t even bother about looking at the camera unless I ask you to!

  4. Be comfortable. An uncomfortable person makes for a terrible photograph.

  5. This is going to be FUN and QUICK. You’ll be surprised!

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sam jones