Sam Jones


Hi! I'm Sam Jones, a girl with a creative itch who really wants to make beautiful things and share them with the world. I'm based in Selma, AL and when I'm not squinting behind a camera, you can find me strolling around my sleepy small town with my husband, leading worship or sitting on the back pew at church (#marriedtotheministry) or making way too many lattes in my kitchen.

Anyone can get behind a camera and take a picture and I don't believe in just taking pictures. I believe in telling stories. I believe that your story is worth telling. If you're looking for someone to take pictures, there's loads to choose from. If you're looking for someone to get to know you and portray your truth beautifully, I'd love to chat :)




I like to pretend I'm a blogger on Instagram. Follow along for semi-poetic musings and standard life updates.